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Our Mission

FLY9 Trading has a mission to provide simple, easy-to-use, and effective digitally advanced indicators to all types of stock, forex traders, and crypto investors.  

Committed to revolutionizing the trading practices, we aim to help people in overcoming the underlying anxiety and boost the profitability of their trading portfolios through better analyzed and informed decision making. 

Business Meeting

Established in 2015, FLY9 TRADING is the brainchild of founder and trading enthusiast Mj Raymos.


Gaining extensive insights into the trading practices, indices, price movements, volatility predictions, and market dynamics, he has designed and developed AI-powered trading indicators that help to identify lucrative opportunities in the markets and bring clarity to eliminate trading confusions.  

With his amazing team, they have created two amazingly effective tools called the FLY9 Candles and FLY9 Sniper Indicator.  

The goal of these AI-based tools is to provide traders (both beginners and experts) the right digital indicators to boost their confidence and help them gain significant profitability from their investments.  

The Story Behind Us

Owner & founder

Mj Raymos is a self-motivated and perseverant individual who has been practically studying the stock, forex, and crypto markets for more than 6 years.  

It all started almost 5 years ago when Raymos, who was tired of his office job and 9-5 routine, decided to embark on a new journey towards greater financial stability. 

Learning his way up the forex and crypto markets, he signed up for different trading companies, researched the internet, and took up professional trading classes. Asking around and working with mentors, all he gained was lots of information but no real consistent success.  

In his quest to find the perfect trading strategy along with indicators that could translate his technical analysis in a simple way, he decided to design and develop his own trading analysis tools that can help users gain substantial insights into the markets in real-time.


With a vision to share his secret of trading success with the world at large by using simple tools, and bringing traders' ideas to life.

"Nothing is more expensive
than a missed opportunity"

H. Jackson Brown Jr.

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Mj Raymos

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