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Are You Ready To Create Your Own Indicator or Strategy ?

Bring your Idea to life 

Why not automate your trading strategy?

we can do that for you


Create a custom strategy script with backtest option

Create a new indicator according to your requirements

Customize an existing indicator to your liking

Study-to-strategy conversion

Combine several indicators into one script 

Add an alert functionality for your existing indicator

Pine script code version updates

and much more!

We take pride in our work
and the quality of service 

 We know your work matter!

 Understanding the importance of having your own custom indicators to your liking based on your strategy is one of many of our goals in FLY9 TRADING


Striving for continual progress

your new custom indicator will increase your motivation and assurance of accomplishment of the idea that you brought to life 

Setting  you up for success

putting your own indicator or strategy to work will increase your productivity and improve the quality of your trading journey .

That's why we love to be a part of it 

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